Having listened to several friends rave about their Alpine XLs, I was keen to try the new Crossmax when they hit the office. “Like enduro slippers” was one description bandied about, which is indeed apt as these are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve tried. 

The high-top ankles provide a feeling of support while the lace/flap/buckle system ensures that they stay just how you set them at the start of the ride. An elasticised lace gives the initial tensioning, the Velcro flap keeps the lace out of harm’s way, and the ratcheting buckle snugs everything up firmly. 

Another Crossmax owner thought the soles might be a tad on the flexi side for pedalling, but great for walking; I found the soles to be more than adequately stiff, with a good feel for the pedal through the Contagrip rubber. While a bit shiny at first, the surface soon roughed up and no slippage was noticeable. Large, chunky tread blocks are reinforced with harder compound inserts to provide stiffness and ward off rock damage. A reinforced toe box keeps the digits protected and allows a bit of wiggle room, which I like to have but sometimes have to go up a size to achieve with some brands. Mavic’s sizing seems pretty true to accurate Euro numbers, and if you wear a 44 in most brands then that’s what you’ll need with these. 

The Crossmax is a solidly made shoe and that tips it slightly on the beefier side of the scales, but they don’t feel cumbersome at all. A comfortable, secure and rugged shoe that should stand up to a good few seasons of abuse. Brett Kennedy

More Info: mavic.com

From Spoke Issue #62

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