From Simple Jack to Mr. Black, discover the epic transformation at Skyline Rotorua Gravity Park and ride the new line that boasts 32 jumpable features including tables, step downs, step ups, sharks  fins, doubles, as well as a road gap and wall ride, all connected by massive sculpted berms. In fact, the trail offers so much air time that Mr. Black will be a massive spectator friendly trail when it is used for the Whip Off event at Crankworx Rotorua 2016.

Skyline Rotorua Mountain Bike Gravity Park Operations Manager, Jamie Mead says Mr. Black was dreamed up by local trail builders, Empire of Dirt, who also built the Crankworx trails in the park. “Empire of Dirt envisioned building an A Line/Crank it Up esk trail down Simple Jack, as the length and descent of the trail is spot on for a jump line,” he says. “What we have now is a one-of-a-kind line that compliments the New Zealand MTB experience. 

“Extra time was taken to ensure the trail flows effortlessly and provides progression for most riders. The average rider won’t hit every jump on the trail their first run, maybe not even their first day. But once you link all 32 jumps together, you’re left pretty stoked.

“Crankworx left us with a world class Pump Track, Dual Speed and Style course, and Downhill track, but the crew had the ambition to have an Air Downhill event on the trail as well. This is something that we hope will be a possibility in the future.”

Mr Mead says Mr. Black will add a whole new dimension to the Crankworx Rotorua Whip Off. “Just like the famous ‘crab apple hits’ in Whistler, riders will have jumps to hit before the whip-off jump they are judged on.”

Mr Mead says the latest transformation at Skyline Rotorua Mountain Bike Gravity Park enhances the attraction’s offering as a mountain bike park. “Crankworx has been the enabler to create legacy trails that are world class.  This trail system links into Rotorua’s MTB Centre for Excellence aspirations and, in partnership with Cycling New Zealand, will be a key training location to help our top riders to become world class athletes.”

Mr. Black fast facts: 
Length: 1.8km 
Jump Features: 32
Berms: 25 
Descent: 180m
Riding time: 4-5 mins
Grade: Advanced Black Diamond

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