A 2x guide from MRP showed up in the mailbox yesterday courtesy of MRP marketing guy and Frutia local Noah Sears, and last night I got a chance to install it on the Tallboy. It’s a BB mount so installation was super easy, although as with all Santa Cruz VPP bikes, the lower chainstay gets in the way of getting the device in the perfect position, but it’s pretty close and I’ll be having another crack at rotating it a little more clockwise. But for now, after a short spin on the bike it’s looking and running pretty sweet and my big chainring will be thanking me as it’s taken a bit of a beating of late. We’ll let you know what we think of it in our Feb/March issue after a good long test over summer.

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    1. yes it will, you need to order the correct version – depending on the number of teeth on your outer ring, one version is for 39T or greater, one is for 36-38T

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