So Kelly McGarry rode a bit of the Super D track on Wednesday but he is not on the entered riders list. Wanna know who is? Well we can tell you. There’s a good mix of XC shredders like Ed Crossling and Jonty Sanders, and at the other end of the spectrum you have a bunch of washed up DH racers like Cowboy, Hadley Boyce and Campbell Wilson (all right, they may not be washed up). But in the middle is where most of the entrants sit. I rode the course today and can tell you it’s not super hard, a hardtail could even win. You won’t be getting the surprise that Adam Craig and his XC buddies did in the weekend. So get you name on the list now!
open women

Kathryn Campbell
Sasha Smith
Amanda Jenkins
Leigh Halkett
Siobhan MacDonald
Ash Burgess
Maddie Hansen
Sarah Atkin

under 15
Jack Humphries
Daniel Horgan
Ellery Waterson

under 17
Jamahl Stringer
Ben Brough
Regan Kerr
Chris Clift
Ethan Jacobs
Anthony Phillips
Jonty Sanders
Mackenzie Lang
Jack Compton
Steven Mitchell
Matt Griffith

under 19
Stephen Woodwark
Max Olson
Jason Lang
Corey Patel
Mark Shillingford

open men
Michael Cowlin
David Gafford
Ryan Williamson
Clinton Topp
Leif Christensen
Ben Walter
Dave Green
Rowland Martin
Jourdan Lethbridge
Edwin Crossling
Kurt Lancaster
Chris Wharton
Tom Humphries
Tyler Perrin
Ben Stephens
Jamie Lyall
Rowan Van Lier
Nathan Rankin
Richard Leacock
Bryn Dickerson
Dave Preece
Eugene Black
Damian Hocquard
Matt Disney
Owen Hughes
Andy Spence
Jarrod Bang

master men 1
Stephen Humphries
Simon Fugle
Karl Fitzpatrick
Aidan Forrest
Campbell Wilson
Gee Hallam
Simon Blencowe
Matthew Stulen
Hamish Kay
Steve Wallace
Charlie Blanch
Ben Wilde
Hadley Boyce
Quinton Feldberg
Leif Roy
Nick Lloyd
Sigtor Kildal
Ted Bertrand
Craig McGinnity
Christopher Calef
Stephen Payne
Richard Swain
Pete Marshall
David Goodwin
Matt Far
Caleb Smith

master men 2
Jeremy Blake
Barry Higgison
Nick Olson
Matt Clash
Jono Baddiley
Rhys Lyall
Luke Simmons
Andrew Durno
Darren Henderson
Grant Robinson
Vaughan Love
Dr Wongster are updating the list all the time so check back here to see if your nemesis has entered! And then enter here.

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