The multi-talented Jeff Carter just fired me through this link about the upcoming MTBNZ Club Development Conference being held in Christchurch from the 29th to the 31st of July. Although it seems he’s not so multi-talented that he couldn’t write his own blurb! Anyhow the conference is open for two to three members from each New Zealand club (of which I think there’s 40). They don’t have to be committee members, just club members.

This conference is for mountainbiking clubs in New Zealand and is being held at Living Springs, near Christchurch. The club development conference is aimed at equipping club administrators, organisers, trackbuilders and coaches with the skills they need to help their club thrive.

The conference is part of MTBNZ (the parent body for New Zealand mountainbike clubs) and is being run by the Christchurch Singletrack Club.

To Register or to find out more information head over to the 2011 Club Development Website over here.

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