It looks like Spoke coverage of the Downieville Classic is going to be brought to you via Ross Schnell’s iPhone and his Twitter account “Found some new secret lines worth about 20 more seconds. All I did was follow the WTB tire tracks… Thx guys” (from Ross’s twitter 3 minutes ago). There has been unseasonal snow falls on the upper part of the course and judging by the picture below there’s going to be quite a lot of snow melt on the track. Water levels in the stream crossings will be up so should be a fun event… The start list for the all mountain event is pretty stacked, the top 30 containing Rad Ross, Mark Weir, Jason Moeshler, Adam Craig, Nathan Riddle, Mark Jordan, Sid Taberlay, Dain Zaffke (Aka Golden Boy) and Santa Cruz’s Ariel Lindsey. There are also a few DHers in the mix with Greg Minnaar, Jared Rando and Duncan Riffle all having a crack. It’s definitely going to be hard to call, but I do know I don’t want to see a Giant bike on the podium again!

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