Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.40.42 PM I love beer and I’m guessing a lot of you also love beer. As it turns out the folks at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado (the same place Niner Bikes hail from) love beer as well. They also love bikes, but I think they love beer more. It turns out they love beer so much they’ve made an App that will take over your social networks (Facebook or Twitter, for up to two hours) so you can chill in Beer Mode. The app is so smart that after posting its initial … um… post, which will give your friends the impression that you’re either a) an environmental activist who cares about polar bear population and butterflies, b) still working  and c) just super smart, it will post up to five replies. NO ONE will have any idea you’re actually drinking beer and not working!!!
The only bummer is the beer finder part of the app can’t seem to find me any Fat Tyre (Tire) ale near Petone!
Get the app here.

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