Yup that’s right I’m stealing posts off people who have stolen posts; thing is, if I wasn’t so lazy I could have done this post myself. You see when Sven and Anka had their graffiti covered van parked outside my house a while back they were sporting a bunch of this stuff on their carbon Nomads, but I didn’t take any sneaky shots of it (damn it). The biggest changes are the two pedals, obviously continuing on from last year’s massive product update, the 5050 and the Mallet now get the treatment. The Mallet bolts together like the Candys. Not too sure about the griptape though, but Sven and Anka weren’t complaining. The 5050 gets a well overdue thinning down and weight reduction. Fingers crossed Worralls run an upgrade scheme on these two pedals when they drop.

There’s a few more products like pricepoint wheelsets and this saddle. You can check them out in more detail on Bikerumor.com

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