Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet
An all-new design from Giro


Manifest three quarter studio image.jpg

Why compromise?  

For the riders that demand the best equipment, Giro’s new Manifest™ Spherical helmet offers the most premium trail riding helmet available. 

 At the heart of the Manifest’s extraordinary features is Spherical Technology, which utilises a ball-and-socket design powered by MIPS® to redirect impact forces. Developed in the Dome, Giro+Bell’s world-class test lab, and in partnership with MIPS®, Spherical Technology allows the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash and eliminates skin contact with a hard plastic slip-plane.  


 Spherical Technology also enables Progressive Layering, with dual-density foam liners designed to address high- and low-speed impacts for more comprehensive energy management.  

The AURA reinforcing arch bolsters structural integrity while allowing air to flow freely into a series of massive Wind Tunnel™ vents and internal channelling, as comfort and sweat absorption are enhanced by quick-drying antimicrobial XT2 padding.

 The cooling power is obvious and has been quantified by test results using the Dome’s Therminator heat-sensing test fixture: Manifest™ runs significantly cooler than other trail helmets and even rivals Giro’s class-leading Aether™ road helmet.  

 Fit and positioning adjustments are achieved with a redesigned Roc Loc ® Trail Air fit system that offers dynamic strength and UV-resistance while further improving ventilation and comfort. 




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