Press Release: New Shimano Deore components deliver a new level of premium performance to the value category by bringing hallmark elite mountain bike technologies to a new price level. Shimano Deore M6100 is a no-compromise component group, offering a full 510% gear range and all of Shimano’s top 12-speed technological innovations first introduced with XTR M9100. Shimano Deore also builds on its legacy as a versatile, value-focused group by broadening its ranges with 10- and 11-speed options.

Shimano have deftly slotted in a budget-friendly new 12-speed drivetrain to their already impressive lineup. After being slow off the mark to offer a 12-speed lineup they have come out swinging with an unparalleled shifting experience in their high-tier lineup, which has know dribbled down to their most pocket friendly lineup.


Chain & Cassette
The new Deore range looks to expand on this concept, employing their popular Hyperglide+ Technology found on the big brothers, XT/XTR cassettes and chains. The Dynamic Chain Engagement+ provides better chain retention and smoother pedalling, so to maximise the smooth shifting capabilities it is best to use the recommended chain with the cassette. Other chains will work, but it won’t quite have the same performance characteristics the new shimano line is renowned for. It also utilizes the same Micro-spline technology to allow for this wide range 10-tooth cog.

Shifter & Derailleur
The derailleur visually looks like the higher-tier options, with the same clutch and bigger jockey wheels, and is available in only one cage length to fit the wide-range 10-51 cassette. The shifter also has the same push/pull trigger system as the better models, allowing you to release the gear with your thumb or index finger, however the subtle touches of rubber on the paddles are the only thing missing.



Shimano have made their system as user-friendly as possible with their crankset now featuring a 2-piece design and single-ring only configuration. They also offer a range of Q-Factor’s to fit 142mm ( Non-Boost), 148mm (Boost), and 157mm (Super-Boost), so whatever you may ride will work with the new Deore range.


Two & four piston versions are available with the same lever being used for both. They have also been designed to have a shorter free stoke and quicker bite engagement for when you really need those bad boys to work.

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