There’s a new bike in town. Built to last. Built to not let you down. When you’re out climbing the steeps, bombing down the hills or grinding it out for hours on end, you need a bike you can trust, a bike built by hand using good, old fashioned, air- hardened, heat-treated steel.

That’s right, steel. And not just any steel. The king of steel. Crowned with the numbers Eight. Five. Three. As in Reynolds 853 steel tubing. A material so strong and lightweight that bike lovers have penned hundreds, if not thousands of paragraphs about its fine ride quality. Ride it and you’ll learn why….steel is real.

Keeping ride quality in mind, and versatility, we went to great lengths to design this crucial frame junction. The PF 30 bottom bracket allows you to run a standard press fit bottom bracket or, if simplicity is your thing, throw in an eccentric bottom bracket and run singlespeed.
The chainstay yoke is a piece of engineering ingenuity. to increase strength and stiffness, and to meet international iso mountain biking standards, we created a nearly unified yoke which allowed us to create longer and stronger welds to the bottom bracket. and hidden inside, is a plate that adds to the stiffness.


Take charge of your ride with this Reynolds 853 steel frame designed around Niner’s [r]evolution trail geometry which begs the rider to push their limits. ride it hard. ride it fast.
After all, it’s made from a truly time-tested material that’s been air hardened and heat treated. the efficient, yet compliant ride quality of the SIR 9 harkens back to a simpler time. A time without linkages and pedal bob. A time where all the energy you put into the pedals moved you forward.


A do-it-all bike? Is there such a thing? The unicorn of bikes? Maybe, but we won’t call the new SIR 9 a do-it-all bike, and although we do like unicorns, this two-wheeled steed ain’t no funny horse with a horn sticking out of its head.


What we will call it, however, is a “do-it-most” bike, as in, you can do most of what you want to do on it and do it well. And no, it ain’t no lightweight race bike, but you can race it. (it’s no pig either…) and it ain’t no 10 inch downhill bike, but you sure can shred on it. And it ain’t no skinny-tired gravel grinder, but you can load it up and head out on your own adventure. It’s truly a bike that you can “do it most” on.

Built around Niner’s [r]evolution trail geometry that puts the rider in the sweet, balanced spot on the bike, the new sir 9 has to be ridden to be.


Frame bags. Bento boxes. Rack. Fenders. Water bottles. We like options. We know you do too.


• Reynolds 853 steel provides the supple, comfortable ride this legendary material is known for.
• Compatible with 29×2.4 or 27.5×3.0 tires to offer the choice of maximum roll over or ultra traction and stability.
• Revised geometry is optimised for modern trail riding, long days in the saddle and all around good times.
• Integrated bag mounts inside front triangle.
• Bento box mounts on top tube offer additional storage options within reach.
• 73mm PF30 BB shell is geared or singlespeed compatible with the Niner biocentric 30
• 148 x 12 boost rear spacing
• Compatible with 1x (max ring 36t) and 2x (26/36 or bigger) drivetrain systems
• Compatible with 2x (26/36 or bigger) drivetrain systems, 34.9 sideswing front pull front derailleur.


• 73mm PF30 BB shell (adaptors required for BSA type BBs)
• Compatible with biocentric 30 for singlespeed use
• 30.9 seat post
• 31.8 seat collar
• 34.9 front derailleur clamp
• 1.125” x 1.5” tapered zero stack head tube, 44mm upper, 56mm lower, cane creek description: zs44/28.6 zs56/40
• 34.9 side swing, front pull front derailleur
• Post mount disc brake – 180mm max rotor size • all sizes have 2 inner triangle bottle mounts, 1
mount under down tube
• Can fit up to a29x2.4or27.5×3.0tire(tire sizes vary by brand, some tires may not fit)
• compatible with standard 1x (36t max), 2x and 3x systems

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