Some time ago we gave our top enduro bike, the Carbon Snabb E, to three riders. Three different personalities, different riding styles, and different locations. 

First to lay his hands, feet, and butt on the bike was Michał Kollbek. He took the Snabb to Mount Willson in LA area. The day was hot and dry and both rider and camera operator had some distance to cover. The funny (or rather scary!) thing is that Radek—the man behind the camera—got lost on his way back and nearly fainted because of dehydration!

Secondly, we got to Sam Pilgrim who was having a blast in Whistler a few days before 2016 Crankworx event. Unfortunately, back problems eliminated Sam from competing in Joyride, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t use his time properly. We caught him on the good old A-Line. Sam used to go for his DH bike on this kind of courses, but since we gave him the enduro, the big rig is saved for really huge stuff. 

Last but not least—Sławek Łukasik. The DH European Champion, definitely the fastest of the trio. Slawo was training in Italy, getting ready for the World Champs. Sławek is really focused on his DH goals but enjoys his time on the enduro bike. He even competed in the last EWS event in Finale Ligure, finishing 32rd

Check out more about the NS Snabb-E in NZ here

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