Last weekend I found myself on the road again for a dirty weekend away with the boys. Ripping and shredding Sunpeaks and Silverstar bike parks in beautiful British Columbia, as well as any other random roadside schralping we can find. The above photo was taken outside of Lillooet at 8am. Thats right, we were freeriding for breakfast folks!

I can’t give away the golden photographic moments that we are here to mine, but here’s a bunch of photos that won’t spoil the reveal, but might give some context to the first day away. All photos by Todd Hellinga the ex-president.

I was travelling with Dan Gronross and Todd Hellinga in the paramilitary esque Scion. The thing is great as it can overtake seven cars at once, has loads of room (we have three dudes and a bike in the back with lots of room to spare), and has an i-pod dock. This means it’s the perfect car for non-stop Lady Gaga dance partys at 150kmh.

Full Boar Bike shop in SunPeaks. We rode with two guys called Chayse Marshall and Stew Sykes. They ripped and were super good guys. With their help we rocked in and out of Sunpeaks in four hours flat with soime banger shots.

Sunpeaks is a ski/bike resort just outside of the infamous huck zone of Kamloops. The trails are fast, steep and dusty. Except for when we got there and it had just rained overnight, leaving the trails in a momentary state of awesome hero dirt. Rather than sliding everywhere on a thick layer of flour, tires actually gripped and the few laps we got in were dream like.

After kiiiilllllling it in Sunpeaks we super raced to Silverstar. Silverstar is host to the Air Apprentice Competition this weekend. We are here to schralp, cheer, and provide the internet forums with more ammunition. AH MATE!!!!

Part two coming soon…

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