Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave deep on the West Coast somewhere you’ll probably be aware of how popular Cyclocross is becoming in New Zealand. Well, the good guys from ‘The Pain Train’ and Hamilton MTB Club are bringing you the NZ Cyclocross Champs race on the 29th of August. Now in its third year (or fourth??) it’s shaping up to be a heck of an event, and judging by the amount of rain we’ve been having here in Hamilton the mud bogs should be, well, muddy.
The proceeds from the event will be going to this little legend….. www.charliesplace.org.nz, so even if you’re not keen on getting dirty, come out and watch, buy some food, heckle some riders and stand under your umbrellas!

Complete entry form available HERE. Right I’m off to hacksaw some bits off my road bike to make room for some bigger tyres! More info after the jump.

Hi all, due to a bit of a fail in double checking our entry form, the entrance to the track for NZCX Champs on Sunday the 29th August will be from the Pukete Rd entrance (not Maui St).

It will be well signposted. Coming from Auckland/North or Wellington/South on SH1, Pukete Rd is on the north side of Te Rapa industrial area/The Base shopping centre and is off SH1. Easy peasy! This where we have also held the North Island Cup, Pukete Spaghetti races etc.

We did a course check today with Vincenzo (he can walk), Cookie the Rookie, Cobra, Focker and Ms TMP Koobs. All agreed that if the weather keeps up the good work, it’s going to be faster than last year, more fun (ie. muddier) and definitely a suffer-fest!

We’ve got 400mm high barriers to bunny hop over (if you can), steps to run up (brutal freeride idea – thanks Ken), roots, fast gravel road, singletrack and definitely the Rhino pit :satan:. Spectating is going to awesome, and all within close proximity of the race village.

Km’s per lap = approx 2.5km–3km (weather dependant).

There will also be a NEW SCOTT CX bike for you to test ride, thanks to our sponsors Cycology (and Scotty will be racing one). Plenty of other spotties and prizes also, thanks to our generous sponsors.

The defending champ got his entry and special name in already :sneaky: :thumbsup:

Entries on the day just get a normal number plate sorry :cry:

We’ll have hot fries, sausages etc and make sure you bring the kids along to battle it out in the mini rhino pit – The Chuckie Cross Fundraiser ride! We all know kids love mud and this will be a great intro to the fun of Cross :thumbsup:.

Rick (Chuck’s dad) is coming up all the way from Wanaka to represent the Redwood clan (and check Focker is still making good coffee with the Saeco Chic :blush: ).

Thanks to all that have pre-entered so far; keep em’ coming. And remember all proceeds are for a great cause!

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