Contrary to the notion that some New Zealand race promoters will have you believe, the Rotorua Triple Crown is without a doubt New Zealand’s longest running Enduro race, in fact it’s now in its sixth year. Entries are now open for the 2013 edition (on my son’s birthday no less) and are insanely limited.

The Triple Crown is a fun filled event fill of sweet tracks, cake and a just a general good time hanging out with good people! This year the runs are a bit shorter, and quick. But hopefully this encourages a bit more riding together in between stages, and most importantly shit talking! Below are the planned tracks:Run 1: Te Tihi O Tawa – Billy T. FinishRide back up Tawa Rd and make your way to Hot X….however you plan to get there.Run 2: Hot X – Bunny Jugs ( only first bit!).

Ride back up Pipeline, cruise down Be Rude, up Lion and up Katore Rd. There is no hurry to get there…

Run 3: Corridor – Eastern Spice – Turkish – Old Exit

Finish at the bottom of Longmile!

Rough Schedule:
8.20am: Meet at Longmile, register, and get yourself organised!
8.45: Both buses leave the bottom of Longmile – if you’re not there in time you miss out, or you have to ride up with DJ!
9.15ish: Race 1 Starts
10.15ish: Race 2 Starts
11.30ish: Race 3 Starts
1ish: Prize giving / Hot Chips Sammies / Baking

• Entry form can be downloaded right here.
• Remember a max of 54 riders – so get in quick!
• You have to be a member of the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club – so join, or you can pay extra with your entry fee and join then!

Any questions e-mail

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