offenburg1I was trying to find results for Kashi Leuchs from round two of the UCI World Cup in Offenburg, Germany and instead found some very interesting and cryptic information. First up I discovered that Rosara Joseph raced in the elite women and didn’t do too bad. She placed 44th (out of 93 starters) with a time of 163.14, 13.18 behind winner Chengyuan Ren (from China). My search for Kashi’s results was a little harder; it soon became evident he didn’t even race. I found this cryptic message on his kind of alluding as to why.
“Sad Situation”
Monday, April 27, 2009

I got some awkward and concerned looks this weekend as my friends on the circuit were not used to seeing me walking around in casual clothing before the start and during the race! It’s a very unfortunate situation, but to put it nicely, my team have had a lot of issues to get off the ground! No one is happy and finally they seem to have decided to put the blame on me. It’s become messy and I’ve been spending more time talking to lawyers than riding my bike.
Anyway, as things develop I’ll be able to reveal more about what has gone on here. For now I am trying to figure out my next moves. I have some very exciting ideas and some possible big changes !!! stay tuned :)”

Looks like he may not be on Felt? More info as we get it.

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