Willow Koerber signed to the Trek World Racing team after a great season racing in 2010. She replaced Emily Batty, who must have charmed many men with her big blue eyes but whose performances were a little lacklustre. Willow was upgraded from the Subaru Trek team to the big league and it was hoped her high profile and results would bear some fruit for Trek, but instead it seems Willow is the one bearing a baby. Twenty-four hours before the start of the first round of the World Cup in South Africa she found out she was pregnant. She chose not to race and now it looks terribly like she will be sidelined for the rest of the season. Perhaps next season too? I suppose this means we won’t be blessed with her half nakedness in the 2012 CyclePassion Calendar. Shame. Click the link to read more about this topic from the lady in question on the OUTSIDE MAGAZINE website. This story really highlights that racers are still human beings facing real life complications. More so, being a woman comes with added pitfalls and complications, but it is good to see that even an athlete is as driven as Willow can still put aside her own goals and aspirations to face up to challenges that come from the other side of the tape. All the best to her and boy Myles Rockwell. That is gonna be one good looking and athletic child.

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  1. The announcement when she sat in with Martin Whitely to commentate on Freecaster for the Elite Women’s XC at PMB went something along the lines of:
    “I’ve tested positive… for, uh … [pause long enough to expect something drug-related]… pregnancy.”

    Meanwhile, you can just imagine Whitely thinking: “Shit.” Especially with Batty winning Sea Otter, and then getting 16th in the PMB race.

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