After 8 months, 8 races and mind boggling 27,314 meters of descent, our story ends here in Finale Ligure, Italy. The last stop of the Enduro World Series is the place where the season long Championship will be decided; and the final time in the season the racer’s have to leave their mark on the History books. For some, this has been an epic season to remember, for others it will be a year to leave as far behind as possible, but whether the toll was paid in effort or in injury, the 2015 EWS season proved to every racer that no one rides for free.

Curtis Keene @curtiskeene @iamspecialized
Anneke Beerten @annekebeerten
Enduro World Series @world_enduro
Jared Graves @jaredgravesmtb
Richie Rude @Richie_Rude1
Tracey Moseley @tracy_moseley
Fabien Barrel @fabienbarel

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