… No Trans-Provence for 2018

We the organisers are extremely grateful to have enjoyed the conditions necessary to run an ambitious project such as Trans-Provence for many years. There are so many people to thank – indeed literally everyone who has ever had anything to do with the running, promoting, reporting or financing of the event. You know who you are and your contribution will never be forgotten by us.

As much of a shock as this news may come to some people, it’s important for us to point out the following: yes it’s been fun, but Trans-Provence the event is nowhere near as important as the type of mountain biking practice which it has aimed to advocate & promote. MTB is bigger than any event or series and MTB is, we think, in a pretty good place these days.

So be good to each other, ride your bikes lots, and hopefully see you for a ride or a beer somewhere in the future.

Cheers for now,

Ash, Melissa, Tegan & Kieran

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