A couple of weeks back we got wind that One Square Meal (OSM, the popular food bars made by Cookie Time) were teaming up with Vertigo bike shop in Queenstown to bring the latest in MTB downhill tech (Zerode) to Queenstown MTB Club members. The deal is pretty simple, be a member of QMTBC, buy a OSM, pay $25 and get some runs on the Zerode!
Collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, and often there’s no connection between the two, well in this case there are some solid connections…..

Michael Mayell (pictured above), co-owner of Cookie Time Limited (OSM creators) owns a Lahar hardtail and when the time came for a DH rig he was looking for something equally unique and different. Enter the Zerode. At the same time as hunting for a new DH bike Michael was looking for new ways to promote their One Square Meal product and new retail ‘Cookie Bar’ in Queenstown, something went ‘click’ and after doing some research into the Zerode frameset he knew it was the way to go.

Micheal had previously been renting DH bikes off Tim (pictured above) at Vertigo bike shop to ride with Cookie Time’s other co-owner Guy, his brother. Once the decision to build a Zerode was made, Tim stepped in with a solid build kit and things came together, and being a mad keen downhiller himself Tim was keen to see the project push forward. Even if it was really just so he could ride the bike himself – and hey who wouldn’t want to?

No doubt Michael will be seen out doing laps on the bike but Guy will be heading to Whistler in our winter with the Zerode in tow for some shralping over there!

Want a piece of the action? Contact Vertigo Bikes.

pics: Seb Kemp.

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