Someone is going to call me out on this, but I’m sure this is a first—a mountain biker getting one of those sports books. I mean, we know roadies do it all the time (Lance, anyone?) and here in New Zealand every bloody rugby player has one, but this Peaty and Victor Lucas collab looks pretty fresh. In Steve Peat World Champion: Seventeen Years in The Making, Peaty gives an insight to his 2009 World Championship winning season.

Through a stunning collection of photographs, the book follows
Steve from his winter training at home in Sheffield, through eight rounds of
the World Cup series, where he set new records for the most World Cup race
wins and podium appearances. Then another win at the Lisbon Downtown, before
finally culminating with his victory at 2009 World Champs in Canberra. This
is an underdog story to top all others, and it has been seventeen years in
the making.

Book Details
• Printed to the highest standards, 160 pages, hardback
• More than 200 photographs by Victor Lucas, including previously
unpublished gems
• Additional photos by Sven Martin, Kathy Sessler, Dominic Worrall
• Foreword by Rob Warner
• Introduction and captions by Steve Peat
• Price £29.99 plus shipping, delivered Worldwide

The first 100 copies ordered online will be signed by Steve!


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