It’s been a long time since I last posted anything up here but now I have a very good reason. You see, I love winding Caleb up, so when I received a pair of Easton Carbon Havens a few weeks back for testing I thought this would be an ideal time to rub it in a little. How are the big wheels now Caleb? Anyhow, yes, they are expensive, but supposedly these are the very last wheels you will need to buy for at least two years due to the two-year no-questions-asked guarantee. I have been told by EASTON that they really do mean no questions asked, so if the wheels do last then I have 100 weeks to come up with an incredibly imaginative way of destroying these wheels and seeing if they can keep their nosey beaks out of my silly business. Any ideas? I have these on test for Spoke so I will be sending you web updates with how they stand up to severe skidding and hucking to upslope, and then a final review in Spoke after a suitable time. If you want to read more about nothing in particular then I have a more comprehensive ramble about my latest bike up on 2FLAT.

Taken from last week’s original post: Weighing just 1,450 grams per pair, the Haven Carbon is the lightest carbon rimmed, UST compatible all-mountain wheelset on the market and features the first carbon rim designed exclusively for the rigours of rugged trail riding. The Haven Carbon features a generous, 21-mm internal rim width that will accommodate tyres up to 2.4 inches wide and is backed with a two-year, no-questions-asked insurance policy – a first for the bike industry.

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