The Roco rear shocks are coming back in 2012 with a completely redesigned model: the Roco Lite. Lighter than ever before, every gram of the Roco Lite’s 198g is tuned to deliver perfect performance and reliability giving you the best possible value for your money.

You already know the dampers of the Roco series as high-end dampers for freeriders, downhill and all-mountain riders with high demands. Roco dampers offer the perfect setting for every terrain and make your back wheel stick to the ground like glue. With the new Roco Lite, Marzocchi has developed a rear damper designed specifically for XC and the perfect addition to your Corsa or 44 forks. As a team, the forks and shock are hard to beat when it comes to low weight and high performance.

The design of the new Roco Lite is much more streamlined and compact to perfectly fit into the overall look of your XC bike. Marzocchi kept the lockout and rebound adjustment features for the new model to guarantee your best riding experience. The knobs and switch are particularly easy to reach and use thanks to the new design.


Roco lite Air in-line
Length (mm): 165.1 x 38.1 or 190,5 x 50
Features: Lighter version for pure XC, Lockout, external rebound adjustment, hard anodizing air canister and main tube
Weight: 198g

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