The Hive proudly announces a merger with chain retention manufacturer e*thirteen. Independently, both companies are dedicated to designing and manufacturing industry-shaping cycling components. Together, we’ll build on our shared philosophy of strong engineering principles and quality manufacturing to deliver even greater innovation to a discerning customer base. Neither company would exist without loyal customers and industry families, so we thank you for being an integral part of our progress and inspiration. In the near future, we’ll be revealing several new products to be released under a shared brand. In an effort to get you back on the bike instead of in front of the computer, we’ll keep this short and sweet: e*thirteen is integrating into the Hive, replacing the Fifteen.G offroad product phylum. Current Fifteen.G cranks will be re-branded as e*thirteen and we’ll soon have additional product offerings under the e*thirteen offroad phylum–both gravity and XC. From here on, the Hive consists of e*thirteen Offroad, Chub Wheelgoods, and Revl Road. Since we all love to ride anything with two wheels, we are happy to offer groundbreaking products for all categories.

More photos and details about the merger can be found on, a informative website specifically set up to provide the details of the merger.

Details about the new DH crank are as follows:

e*thirteen DH Crank – Finally a lightweight DH crank without strength sacrifices.

• Forged and then machined 7050 Aluminum arms.
• • 7050 is 40% stronger than most common hollow forged alloys.
• 30mm heat-treated cromoly spindle.
• • It is 200%+ stiffer than 24mm steel spindles commonly used in external bearing cranksets.
• German DIN 32711-P3 Polygon interface provides 100% surface contact between spindle and crankarm
• • Eliminates fretting corrosion – the prime cause of dreaded crankset creaking and loosening.
• 14mm pedal thread engagement + 7050 arm construction + quality pedal washers.
• • Eliminates the need for costly and unreliable pedal thread inserts.
• High quality titanium-nickel hybrid spindle coating.
• • Increases durability and extends material life (to just about forever). Tell your machinist friends. They might hug you.
• Standard 104 BCD
• • Of course!
• Lengths:
• • 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths.
• BB:
• • Larger BB 6806 (7x30x42)Bearings carry 20% greater static load and dramatically increase BB durability.
• • 68/73mm and 83mm BB shell versions.
• New: 24-38 Shift ringset option available.
• • For you core freeriders who like to earn your downhill.
• • Inner ring bolts to outer ring requiring no inner ring tabs on crank.
• Weight: 870g:  Crank weight: 759g (165mm x 83mm) / BB weight 111g.
• MSRP: USD$349 w/BB and BB install tool.

Ring Configurations
• e*thirteen guiderings:  32-40T in one tooth increments.  Available in black, silver, blue, red, green, and purple. 36-72 grams.
• 24-38 shiftrings: 9 & 10speed compatible. The 24T chainring bolts directly to the 38T chainring to optimize tooth location and provide the greatest amount of modularity and compatibility seen in a heavy duty All Mountain / race weight DH crankset. No grinding of granny tabs and eliminating front shifting options. 138 grams.
• 22-36 shiftrings: same as above, slightly lower gearing for our comrades in steeper locales.  130 grams.

Release Date: Global availability by the end of July 2010.

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