Today I decided it was a good day to break out a brand new helmet (not literally). I’ve had my eye on the POC protective gear and attire for a while now. The clean style first attracted me to them, but the philosophies behind the brand really kept my attention. While in Sweden recently I had time to take stock of what they are doing and get a closer look at how they’re doing it and decided that it was the gear I want to wrap myself in. Yesterday I took delivery of a Cortex DH full face helmet and a Trabec trail bike helmet and today I decided to take these lovely new helmets on a baptism of fire in Whistler. It was muddy, grimy, greasy hell and I even took a tumble – purely to test the helmet of course. Like all my helmets the Spoke Magazine sticker takes pride of place.

The Cortex DH helmet is the only multi-impact certified helmet in the industry. It has a full kevlar barrier to prevent penetration, and MIPS which allows the inner shell of the helmet to rotate 20 mm on deflective impacts preventing rotational violence to the brain/neck (the worst type of helmet related injury). The fit is really good and there is plenty of visibility out of it. I love the look of the helmet too, but the smooth lines mean when it came time to clean the helmet after the horrible wet ride, this helmet was by far the easiest to clean of any full face I have tried. The pads come out easy and the smooth finish and shape means all the muck just slides off under a hose.

The Trabec has softer foam in the back (where the different coloured panel is) to absorb more energy on impact. It also has kevlar strands built into the foam that strengthen it, while keeping the helmet light and use softer foams to absorb more energy. The fit on these helmets is sublime and it felt like it wasn’t there the whole ride. I love the bright blue colour of mine and there are plenty more lively colours to choose from. If you’re feeling like being more inconspicuous then there are white and black ones available.

Here is the POC mission statement. Good reading: POC is a Swedish company, built on a strong mission; to do everything possibly to save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents, for gravity sports athletes, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. POC has in many ways already set a new standard when it comes to technical solutions, construction, material combinations and engineering, with patented solutions, to increase the degree of protection.

I am trying to find out who brings them into New Zealand and I’ll update once I do. Answers in the comments box for all those in the know please. For now here is the global website.

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