The ADB Pump Track, Auckland

On Friday evening, Avanti BMX Division threw down their first Pump Track race. Three laps, no pedaling, against the clock. The boys had lined up a proper BMX pro-gate to handle starting duties, and the Red Bull Hummer to supply some tunes and wing-inducing drinks.

Here are a few pics of the action. A thanks to the ABD guys, Red Bull, and NZ Ride for supplying the Freelap timing system.

Riders getting practise in the bag during daylight

Mavis wasn't so sure

Paul Langlands straight out rulled, will he be on an ADB next time we see him on this blog?

Bruno (Cycle Express) ensures Olivier's helmet is up to scratch

Dan Sims returned to NZ after a Northern Hemisphere summer racing Downhill in the USA and was keen for some pump action

Hamilton signwriter Jerym Soames was ruling the track all evening

Style guru Morgan Moore hooks the end turn, once Avanti develop the dirtjumps onsite we'll see Morgan in full effect

Chris Beverland took time out from tending his dirt farm down in Huntly to get his pump on. Practise on his small home track looked to be paying off, with Chris one of the faster MTBers on the night

Tim White (left) discusses the pros and cons of having the best bike at the event with Tahitis pump track champ Teva

Mavis is part of the infamous Onehunga Pump Massive (OPM) who have their gang headquarters at Byron Scotts backyard pump track. Mavis left no-one standing in his wake as he tore the track to pieces, taking the overall MTB class win.

Mike Davis (Mavis), happy winner. Word has it that Mavis sold the pedal on his trophy to fun his McDonalds addiction.

Pics & words: Lester Perry

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