Hungry for some Dirt Park action? I am after watching this nicely pieced together video by Jon Bokrantz for Queenstown Bike Taxis.

From the QBT website, “Queenstown Bike Taxis offers a transport only service to help you and your bike get to the trails around Queenstown. QBT can pick you up from the airport, get you started for a cross country mission, drive the shuttles for a downhill run or take you on a 3 day trip to some of the best riding in the South Island.”

As most people will already know there is plenty of good gravity riding around the Queenstown area. Again, from the website, “Wynyard Express is pretty much in the middle of Queenstown, Zoot Track is only a 15 minute drive, Dirt Park is an hour away and Clyde/Linger & Die is only just over an hours drive. QBT do transport for all these tracks and also tours further afield to Christchurch, Mt Hutt and Dunedin.”

If you are planning on visiting the Queenstown area and you want to look beyond the Queenstown Bike Park then QBP are going to help you find the goods and get you there. A must for anyone wanting to follow in the footsteps of the pros who have shralped trails in the area over the years or just want to blast through some amazing Kiwi scenery.

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  1. No that isnt Dan from FreerideNZ, Freeride NZ do the same tours and more! They have been guiding the same areas and the rest of NZ for years !QBT look to be a shuttle business not guiding??

    The true gravity asisted guiding experts of NZ are found here

  2. We used Jono from queenstown bike taxis a couple of weeks back for a work riding day. He had it all sorted out for us; rental bikes for the punters, gondola passes for the afternoon, and then some shuttles on zoot and wynyard.
    A perfect day (apart from one of the workmates giving himself multiple shoulder fractures)

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