So as someone so cleverly pointed out last week I am a total hypocritical media whore and I spray my muck over as much of the world as I can. It’s weird how the concept of being freelance seems to escape some people. Anyway, I have been doing a fortnightly column for NSMB.COM for most of the year and this week I was asked to drop the hippy rhetoric and do a summary of the Crankworx Red Bull Joyride. If you click HERE you can read it. It’s an unashamed plug so try not to cry about it Boots. In it I talked about Kelly McGarry’s injury but I had no immediate rock solid news on his condition. Well, I just got off the phone with the big man himself and it seems he has broken his collarbone and will be spending the foreseeable future drinking beer and chilling at the lake in Whistler instead of chasing FMB points and prizes around the globe. I joke about the drinking and chilling because he says he will be drinking milk and meditating so that he can be back to send off the summer in style with some sweet content trips that we will be hearing a lot of once they are done.

Happy healing vibes to Kelly McGarry.

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