Red Bull Joyride – Official Event Video – More Mountain Bike Videos

I still get shivers looking at Crankworx Red Bull Joyride videos. When I see this epic edit by Freeride Entertainment, in coalition with Red Bull, I feel like I’m back in Saturday afternoon’s buzz…except I can now see what it’s like to be watching the event from up in one of two choppers that are hovering over the course, from the high speed, super long cable cam, or one of several dozen camera angles. Seriously, what is this world we live in? Not many years ago this level of quality content would of been saved for a film edit that saw the light of day months later. Now everything has to be shot, processed, edited and uploaded for our pleasure within days, if not hours of the event finishing. What a world we live in. Down with web edits getting exposure just because and let us savor the quality content.

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