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Due to some internal battles that were supposedly going on at The World Champs between the UCI and some media outlets, DirtTV were slower than usual to get their amazing coverage out. Which was a shame, but just because it was later than usual doesn’t mean it was any less relevant. This was shown to be ever more true when the day after the World Champs had being wrapped up I check out DIRT to see that during the race they had uploaded a video of the World Champs contenders. It was good to revisit some of the pre-race comments with the hindsight of the results, but even more so with Aaron Gwin’s opening chit chat. His comments about, “It’s just racing bikes. It’s not gonna matter in ten years, or next year or tomorrow…but it is fun though so that’s what we are going to do”. What an incredibly mature and enlightening outlook from one of this seasons top racers (five World Cups wins and the series title nonetheless).

It was throughly refreshing to her Gwin’s comments being communicated so matter of fact and to put it all into relative focus. Thanks Aaron Gwin for a great season of racing and a smart head. Big thanks to DirtTV, DIRT, VitalMTB and Freecaster for amazing coverage of the racing all season long too

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  1. Here here. The coverage this year has been amazing. So rad to have the opportunity to follow the competition so closely from NZ. Been loving the tri-ride vids too…

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