It’s an All-New Enduro

The new Enduro blazes down the nastiest descents with utter calm, and it pedals with stunning efficiency. It’s a radically new beast, sporting a Demo-inspired carbon chassis, more travel, and progressive geometry that keeps you in control, even when you bite off more than you can chew.



 We Made It Faster Over Rough Terrain

We made the Enduro even quicker on the roughest trails by giving the bike a more rearward axle path in key portions of its travel. Why does that matter? Because it reduces the rear wheel’s tendency to “hang-up” on big impacts. That means more momentum, more control, and yep, more speed.

We Made It Faster When You’re Pedaling

You stomp on the pedals and the Enduro accelerates forward much faster than you’d expect from a bike with so much travel. We experimented with finding the right amount of anti-squat and ultimately adjusted the anti-squat to an amount we felt was ideal for a 170mm travel bike. Bottom line: Less bobbing. More speed.


The Suspension Is Smoother and More Controlled

The suspension is more sensitive to small bumps, yet it’s less prone to blowing through its travel on really big hits. We achieved all that by increasing the suspension’s progressivity.

We Gave It More Aggressive Geometry

 It’s longer in the cockpit, so you feel more centered on steep descents. The steeper seat angle improves your pedalling position and the shorter seat tube increases your maneuverability.

We Made It Low, Stable, and Quick

The Enduro 29’s new linkage places shock mass as low and centered as possible on the frame, giving the bike an incredibly planted and confident feel. And yeah, that also helps you go fast.


It’s Strictly 29er and Carbon Fiber

We wanted to create the lightest, most bad-assed bike in this genre. Carbon was the ideal frame material for making that happen. Similarly, it’s a 29er-only affair. The new Enduro is all about quickly reaching speed and maintaining momentum like a champ. 29-inch wheels excel here.


A growing number of Specialized models—Demo, Stumpjumper EVO and now the all new MY20 Enduro—now come in S-sizing, instead of the traditional “Small, Medium, and Large” sizing. S-Sizing is a real benefit to riders, but it’s also a change to the status quo; that means some riders may be confused when they first see an “S2” or “S4” emblazoned on a seat tube.

Here’s what you need to know.

size chart.jpg


For years, riders were sized to new bikes based on their inseam length. S-Sizing lets riders choose their bike size, based on their physical size, but also their riding style. Our progressive mountain bikes feature shorter seattubes and headtubes, longer dropper posts and longer reach lengths, and that means riders can now comfortably fit on two or three different sizes of a given model. Riders who favour the nimble handling of a bike with a shorter wheelbase and reach, can generally fit smaller frames. Riders who prefer the high-speed stability of a longer wheelbase and reach can generally fit larger frames.


Height and rider size are still important, but the size choice conversation is now also influenced by the rider’s preferred style, and the riding characteristics that they are looking for in the bike. Size relative to rider height is a good starting point. From there, the rider has a choice based on their desired experience. S-Sizing gives the rider this added choice of bike to match their riding style.

The Enduro will start from RRP$7,500 for the Enduro Comp 29 with RockShox Lyrik Select fork, Super Deluxe Select shock, Code R brakes, NX drivetrain, Roval alloy wheelset, Butcher 2.6″ / 2.3″ tires

The Enduro Expert RRP$10,500 with a Fox Float Performance 36 fork, Fox Float DPX2 shock, Code RSC brakes, GX / X01 drivetrain, Roval Carbon wheels, Butcher 2.6″ / 2.3″ tires

And then for the blinging Sworks RRP$16,000 SRAM AXS Reverb, Shimano XTR 12-speed drivetrain, XTR brakes, Fox 36 Factory fork, Float X2 shock, Roval carbon wheels, Butcher 2.6″ / 2.3″ tires

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