Camelbak is one of the major brands that has always produced good quality, cool and practical women’s-specific packs. I was extremely impressed with the Solstice. The colours are great and should suit all tastes, with either a bright and bold fiery red/silver look or a more discrete black/purple to choose from. The S-shaped harness works well for women’s shorter torsos and more curvy shape, and Camelbak have added a nice touch by using a soft fleece lining on the shoulder straps for comfortable riding in singlets. 

Where the pack truly comes into its own is on rough, technical terrain, due to its lower centre of gravity. The weight distribution is focused around the hips, adding stability and reducing unwanted pack movement when cornering or riding down steep trails. Having the pack lower also frees up the shoulders, allowing more manoeuvrability in technical terrain.  In addition, it gives excellent back breathability, thereby reducing that dreaded sweaty-back look. Overall this is a great women’s-specific pack for the aggressive rider or for someone who is prone to sore back or shoulders.

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