Mons Royale are well known for their high quality merino riding tops that feel at home both on and off the trails. Technical features such as breathability, moisture wicking and a built-in goggle wipe demonstrate just how much thought goes into each collection. This summer they will be introducing a female and a male mountain bike short to their line. I couldn’t wait to try these out in the hope of completing my quest to find the perfect short. I know I sound slightly dramatic, but the struggle has been real.

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Now don’t get me wrong, there are lots of brands out there that make aesthetically pleasing shorts. I’ve tried on most of them, but many fall short when it comes to performance and fit. Before I even tried Mons Royale’s shorts on I was pleasantly surprised by the cut and material. I tested the Momentum shorts while in Europe this summer and here’s what I thought.

The material combines a breathable soft merino on the inside with a hardwearing coating on the outside. They aren’t too thick yet feel like they’ll stand the test of time and survive a crash or two. Without sounding too strange, the use of spandex is my favourite part; these shorts have a great stretch to them meaning they are non-restrictive and damn comfortable. Another crowd pleaser has to be the length. For anyone who likes to show a bit of thigh, these aren’t for you, but for me they’re spot on. They’re long enough to cover my kneepads without riding up while pedalling. I would describe the shape as slightly fitted; not too boxy or baggy but not too tight. The fit and material is extremely functional, and these shorts would suit both trail and downhill riding.

Mons ss19 Mtb verb- day 1 lrg-25.jpg

One of the colour options is a bold oily blue, perfect for anyone who likes a splash of colour, though I think the black is a complete winner. Staying on the function page, Mons clearly thought about how the shorts will look in action, and the clever branding on the side of the leg looks pretty badass while riding. As well as traditional front pockets, Mons have cleverly placed a zip pocket on the side of the leg too; perfect for a phone, snack or lift pass, and won’t bunch up while you’re pedalling. One zip pocket seems more than enough; for those big missions when you need more, maybe treat yourself to a bum bag? I hear they’re very in this season. Finally if you’re in between sizes or would rather go for a looser fit, there are small Velcro adjustments on both hips as well as belt loops. I found the shorts sat nicely on my hips; not too high but didn’t slip down when in the saddle.

Mons Royale have clearly done their research and nailed their first ever mountain bike short.

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