Winner - Byron Scott

At the moment it seems the phrase “Super D” and “mate’s races” are on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

With that in mind the crew at West Coast Riders Club spent 50 hours of the last few weeks carving out a buff “Super D” trail in their ever expanding Riverhead Bike Park. To christen the 6-7 minute trail they held Auckland’s first Super D race.

The nice thing about this style of racing is that you get all sorts of riders from DH slayers to Lycra clad 29er XC boys showing up. That said, it was washed up DH legend Byron Scott that trashed the competition with a time of 5:33, over 30 seconds up on second place.

An awesome trail, combined with great weather and a Unimog for uplifts equalled a kick-arse afternoon of racing. Bring on the next Super D.

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  1. stop it with this riverhead in the dry stuff! we have a network of trails that dry and are ridable and a great time in the rain/wet. if you run a swapthing or something similar its like a dry ride.
    such a bad lie about riverhead that it gets to mucky to ride in winter. the Aucklander Mag had a article about the best riding in auckland and it mentioned riverhead was a boggy place that smelled bad and was horrible.
    whoever wrote that is a knob.
    its a small yet great place with lots and lots of work put into it.

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