Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the good folks at SRAM/Rock Shox have just made things a heck of a lot easier to keep your forks running smooth for free. Yup, for free. They are now including all the seals and wipers that you need for your fork’s first service for free. Obviously if you’re not mechanically inclined you’re still going to need to visit your local bike shop but at least now they can’t forget to order the kit…

We all have one friend who is good at doing the right thing: going to the dentist, cleaning gutters, changing their oil, eating right. The rest of us struggle to put in the effort to do these things we know we should. When it comes time to do the right thing for your suspension, RockShox is now making that easier by including the parts for your first service at no charge, a retail value ranging from $18 to $70.

Regularly serviced suspension not only lives longer, but more importantly absorbs bumps better. We recognise the importance of regular service when it comes to maintaining fork and shock performance, and we appreciate the investment you’ve made in our product. To help you have the best experience with your RockShox suspension during its life, we are providing all the seals (dust wipers, foam rings, as well as air and oil sealing O-rings) needed to conduct your fork or air shock’s first service. These first free service parts are available now and currently shipping with every premium aftermarket suspension product.

Refer to your RockShox Users Manual or to see the recommended service interval for your product. Once your RockShox requires its first service, stop by your dealer to set up an appointment to get the work done. While these parts are free, your dealer’s time may not be; please check with your dealer for an estimate for your total service cost.

Premium aftermarket RockShox air shocks now including your first service parts for free:
• Ario
• Monarch
• Monarch Plus
• Vivid Air

Premium aftermarket RockShox forks now including your first service parts for free:
• Recon Silver
• Recon Gold
• Reba
• Revelation
• Sektor
• Domain
• Domain Dual Crown
• Lyrik
• Totem
• Argyle
• Boxxer

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  1. I wonder if taking along my 2005 Pikes for their first ever service would count? 😀 I can only be optimistic. They’ve never been opened, tweaked or prodded in their long ownership!!!

  2. “Obviously if your not mechanically inclined you are still going to need to visit your local bike shop abut at least now they cant shaft you on their mark up or forget to order the kit…” What a shitty attitude to shops that stock and advertise in your mag and generally just aim to get people out having fun on bikes.

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