I was ordering something for my bike the other day when Peter at SRAM informed me of some CRAZY prices they are offering dealers on selected 2011 forks. The closeout prices are to make way for the 2012 models; funny thing is though, most of the forks on sale will only be getting very minor changes, some no changes at all. Anyway I’m looking at the wholesale price list right now and that should convert to something like 40% off the retail prices of these forks. There are limited numbers so if you’re keen on one of the forks listed below, hit up your local bike shop NOW. No I mean right NOW (there’s only 1 left in a couple of the models). Anyway here’s what’s available (as at Friday). Oh and you’ll see down the bottom of the list there are two rear shocks. Well those things have over 50% off. Seriously, you should be able to walk out of a shop with one of them for what the wholesale price was, which was under $400…

Sektor RL coil 150mm (15mm maxle light)
Sektor RL coil 150mm (20mm maxle light)
Sektor RL solo/air 150mm (15mm maxle light)
Sektor RL solo/air 150mm (20mm maxle light)

Revelation XX WW dp/air 150mm (15mm maxle light)

Domain RC coil 200mm

Lyrik Rc2DH solo/air 170mm 1.1/8 steerer
Lyrik Rc2DH solo/air 170mm 1.5 Steerer
Lyrik Rc2DH solo/air 170mm Tapered Steerer

Totem RC2 DH Coil 180mm

Vivid 5.1 267×89
Vivid 5.1 200×51

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