So when I mentioned the other day that I’d seen something in Greg Herbold’s garage that would have people voiding warranties left right and centre, this was it. Greg was running the Reverb Stealth on almost his entire quiver, none of which were Treks or Scotts, he’d simply drilled holes in his frames. But I wouldn’t suggest doing that (unless you want to void warranties and mess with your frames integrity), obviously HB is one of SRAM’s main testers and to that end when SRAM were testing the Stealth there were no production frames available (hence the drilling of holes). The fact that these things are only available on Treks and Scotts for 2012 is a massive coup and is sure to be a huge selling point for both brands. Hopefully by 2013 most frame manufactures will be shipping trail and all-mountain bikes set up for this.


Since its introduction in 2010, the RockShox Reverb has set the benchmark for adjustable height seat posts, winning every single magazine test to date. With its best-in-class hydraulically actuated remote lever, Reverb gives you 125mm of infinite seat-height adjustment and control of your return speed to give you the right saddle height, right away.

For 2012, an exclusive partnership with two bike brands—Scott and Trek—will introduce a new Reverb model: the Stealth. The significant difference between the Reverb and Reverb Stealth is the hydraulic hose’s exit point from the post. Reverb Stealth’s hose exits the bottom of the post, routing internally through the frame, creating a non-moving, clean hose-routing solution, that will yet again set a new standard in the adjustable height seat post category.

Reverb Stealth will be available on select Scott and Trek bikes next year. Scott will spec the Stealth on the Genius LT 10 and 20, while Trek will provide specific model details in July. All Reverb Stealths will ship to the dealer with a full bleed kit, hose coupler and MMX spacer. With the MMX spacer in place, Stealth’s remote lever can standalone on the handlebar, remove the MMX spacer and use the remote as the mounting clamp for your Avid brakes and SRAM shifters.*
Additional technical information with complete installation videos specific to each bike will be available through our YouTube channel:

*MatchMaker X is compatible with Avid Elixir 7, Elixir 9, XO and XX brakes as well as SRAM X7, X9, XO and XX shifters

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  1. yer,yer, Aprils fool, how do you fit it, the shifter isn’t going to fit through the frame hole. and there isn’t enough hose to pull right up, to fit (the hose) to your post, like the man said, what if I want to remove my seat… well actually fit the dam thing. yer right

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