This big book of new SRAM products and graphics for 2012 dropped while I was overseas, so some of you may have seen it. There’s some cool stuff in there like 140mm Revelation 29″ forks (page 16) and some pretty trick piggyback Monarch rear shocks (page 35). That said, after staying at Greg Herbold’s Moab test facility for a few days I can tell you there’s a few things of interest that didn’t make it into that catalogue; one will have people voiding frame warranties left, right and centre. If I told you what it was though I’d have to kill you.

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  1. Very pleased with the improved for 2012 SRAM XX brakes: Very responsive, linear feel, no brake rub and of course they look great and are the lightest on the market. Thanks SRAM. / Rolf.

    P.S. Haven’t had to bleed or adjust, but I hear that is improved as well.

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