Ross just sent in this from the Downieville “The course is sweet, maybe a little chunkier than last year because the snow has just barely melted. Lots of fast guys here including Minnaar, Duncan Riffle, Henry O’Donnel, and the usual suspects like Weir/Moeschler/Craig and some new, young, fast guys. Personally I’ve done four practice runs and am smoked. The WTB guys have been here since last Wednesday and have taken the last few days off to rest. Smart. XC is anyone’s guess because there are so many heavy hitters like Adam Craig, Sid Taberlay, Carl Decker, and many others. Certainly the hardest field Downieville has ever seen.” And something you may not know about Rad Ross is the fact that he is addicted to Levin’s own RJ’s Licorice (on our trip he spent up large at the factory) and for breakfast today that’s all he ate! As a fellow RJ’s fan I’m now picking Ross for the win (or a serious case of the runs)! Oh and Seb just pointed out that Ariel Lindsay is in fact not racing Downieville and is in fact racing the Mega using Seb’s entry. Why are these two events on the same dam weekend!

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