Mattias Fredriksson just fired through this update regarding the Scandinavian Photo Challenge by Nikon. It’s one of the coolest events in MTB photography and this year Wanaka based Camilla Stoddart has been invited and as of today is confirmed to attend the Challenge for its second edition during the annual Åre Bike Festival, in Åre, Sweden, July 2-10.

Four photographers have been selectively invited to compete alongside hometown superstar photographer Mattias Fredriksson. The mission is simple: the teams—consisting of one photographer and four world class riders—each get three days to shoot, followed by two days of editing a slideshow that will be presented during a huge party on Friday July 8 at the Holiday Club Arena, and judged by a jury of media professionals. To further spice things up, this year the teams have to look outside the bike park to include all-mountain and cross-country riding in their slideshows to complement the freeride imagery.
The 2011 roster is made up of five highly talented bike photographers from all over the world, each with a different style and approach to bike photography.

Markus Greber, Germany –

Camilla Stoddart, UK/New Zealand –

Kristoffer Kippernes, Norway –

Grant Robinson, Canada/UK –

Mattias Fredriksson, Sweden –

Riders highlights include Martin Söderström, Darcy Turenne, Linus Sjöholm, John Alm Högman, Rob Jauch, Holger Meyer, Richard Cunynghame, Hannah Barnes, Henrik Kippernes to name but a few.

Look out for these amazing slideshows online after July 8. For more info on the event and the Åre Bike Festival, check out

All action photos Mattias Fredriksson

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