To go along with the print review of the Scott Genius 720 in issue 51 of Spoke we have just released the video review,
but we’ve tried something different here. That is, instead of the voice over, or the text that you have to read, we have gone for a bit more casual approach… Would be good to know what you think and if we should carry on this way in the future.

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  1. Great video review for the Scott Genuis 720, keep them coming guys. Great way to follow up the article in the latest magazine.

  2. review style good etc. Background noise (or was it music?) I found irritating. Keep the format, lose the background sounds.

  3. Oh, just to clarify, the background sound while Rod was talking is what I am referring to. The music behind the riding was fine.

  4. Yeah great format guys. Found the balance between the background music and Rod’s talking a bit off for me. I’m a bit deaf for sure but decreasing the music volume relative to the commentary would make a big difference. Good to have the music there but it needs to be a bit more ‘background’. Then crank it up during the riding part. Zane’s right, those car noises etc in the background were a bit distracting too. Not sure how you’d deal with that though, other than a different location for the commentary.
    Nice shorts Rod! Sweet ride styles too bro’….and the bulldozer/cloud description cracked me up. Keep up the good work!

  5. thanks everyone for not giving me too much shit about my 1, baldness 2, beergut 3, karate hand chops 4, mumbling and 5, skidding (well,so far). as to the track, its a bit of a grey area as to legality of riding here. we got permission, but i had to go back along the trail after with a broom and tidy up my skids. so sorry i cant tell you but we are working on a solution for all parties as we speak.

  6. Great trail. Can see it might be fragile with a lot of riders on it. Hope the access issue can be resolved

  7. Im not sure why the test rider would want to make up the dream bike and then test it!!!!For most of us the cost of the bike is ahuge outlay , so surely it would make sense to review the bike as it comes out of the box?

    1. for me there is no point testing this bike if i am used to a shorter stem and a wider bar as it will feel weird. i changed the mech and rings as i wanted to pretend the bike was mine, and i see no need for 3 rings these days or a long cage. from another view, if i had tested it out of the box, my first impressions would have been…the steering is twitchy and it rides too far over the front axle, and the shifting requires too much thought up front blah blah blah. it was more about how this frame fork wheels and brakes work together to make the ride happen, the rest is personal preference.

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