Right now on two different continents there are two separate Scott launches going down. In Europe, the 2013 Gambler is being released while Stateside there is a bit of a Genius release happening. As you can see from the photo the Genius has had a bit of a redesign and now more resembles the Spark line of Scott bikes. The Genius LT’s suspension however remains unchanged. Oh and if you want a 26″ wheeled Genius you’re shit out of luck; for 2013 the Genius only comes in 650b and 29″ wheel sizes. The 650b model features adjustable travel between 150mm/100mm travel and the 29″ model between 130mm/90mm. The Genius LT will be available in 26″.

Oh and it’s supposed to be lighter and stiffer.

We’ll be checking these new Scotts out in the flesh in August at Sheppard’s Auckland product launch, so we’ll bring you more info then, and perhaps maybe even some early ride impressions too.

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  1. Agreed….. I had a 2010 Genius 20 and always got teased about my funny shock, even though I loved the bike. No reason to be embarrassed anymore….how long before decent tyre and wheels options are available though??

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