Seb Kemp’s Seaonaires project is in full swing and episode one of the SEASONAIRES series is here. In this first episode we find a prime example of the First Season Young Gun From UK species. Jack is nineteen years old and is from Guildford, UK. He graduated high school a year ago then worked endlessly in his local bike shop to afford to come to Whistler for three months of riding.

Jack had a part-time job in the evening scrubbing pots and pans at the Spaghetti Factory in Whistler to afford to keep a can of beans and tuna in the cupboard, but the best part of this job was that it allowed him to ride every day. He travelled over from the UK with nine of his riding buddies. They shared a house and as to be expected from a group of young lads, the place was a mess all the time. Aside from the mess there was injuries, broken bikes, and the constant battle to lure young ladies back to the pad. But never mind, this summer is etched into the DNA of all them.


Seasonaires is a five part series that will be aired weekly starting the first week in November and coincides with an eight page feature of the same title in issue 105 of DIRT MAGAZINE.

Tom Grundy, 19, is from England and is a freelance videographer. Over the past year he has been filming for RedBull reporter and creating his own monthly webisodes, The Tom Grundy Webisodes. He spent three months living in Whistler this past summer, all the while documenting the place and its people from within. As well as riding the bike park with eight of his best friends. He then headed home, back to the UK to edit Seasonaires into five tales of Summer.

Seb Kemp is a freelance writer, coach, and trail builder who is based anywhere, any time. Originally from the UK, he left four and half years ago and has since found himself on a spiralling world odyssey of some of the best riding spots in the world. He helped Tom script and tell this story as well as finding the “talent” for this series, interviewing them, herding them, and generally putting a boot up the arse of them when it came down to shooting and filming for this project.

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