Those of you that follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook would have had a little sneaky peak at Shimano’s new chain device yesterday when we posted up the fresh-off-the-courier photos. But here’s a slightly more in depth look at what’s going on with this guide from the blue component giant.

First up it’s worth mentioning that although we have an ISCG03 in the photos, they’ll only be bringing in ISCG05 and in three chain ring sizes, 34t, 36t and 38t. To keep weight down the actual bash ring is designed to only be doing its job when your preferred front foot is forward. That bash ring is size specific, hence the guide only coming for three chain ring sizes.

As you can see when mounted to your spider (just use your imagination) the bashguard tucks into the bottom guide/skid plate…

…which just happens to be spring-loaded and pivots around that front bearing. And as you can see they’ve opted for a slider rather than a roller for the bottom guide.

The top guide is really the only standard thing on the guide.

It’s taken Shimano a while to bring out their own nice trail guide and this one looks like that time taken in production has paid off. We are testing the ISCG05 model right now and will be featuring a review in the February issue of Spoke. They aren’t in the country just yet but if you head down to your local shop and place an order you should be able to secure one of the first ones!

Retail pricing in New Zealand will be $229 and availability will be late November.


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