Last winter I ponied up and bought a set of NiteFlux Photon Max lights, they were bright, but the beam was a bit narrow and I was sketching out if things got fast. After a summer sitting in my garage I pulled them out only to find that things weren’t as I’d left them. The manufacturer assured me it was a fault now remedied and sent, as a replacement, the next model up in the current range. Which is this 1350 lumen, ultra wide bad boy. The PMax Extreme has six settings, 1350 lumens (20 watt) = 1.5hrs, 800 lumens (12 watt)= 2.5hrs, 530 lumens (6 watt) = 5 hours, 266 lumens (3 watt)= 10 hours and 90 lumens (1 watt)= 30 hours. It’s only been on a handful of rides so far; we well be doing a long term review that you can look for next winter.


And considering how crap the Wellington weather has been recently this new Flash Gordon jacket from Ground Effect couldn’t have been better timed. It’s got the “flash” new removable yoke for when the weather changes mid-ride (which it always does here in W-Town) and cos’ I normally wear safety black, I’m even a little bit visible now…

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