Kieran Bennett debuted his new DRD Tomac Primer 220 at Wellington’s Skyline Screamer race in the weekend. Having limited time on his new bike, Kieran surprised a number of people with his great battle in the Skyline Screamer (an eliminator “three-cross” style format down a wide open firebreak). With a number of elite riders in contention for a sizeable purse, this event was sure to be a great race.
Kieran handled the new bike perfectly, and was seen with a big smile the whole way down the track. Winning round after round, Kieran found himself in the finals, where he would meet another World Cup veteran racer in Nathan Rankin. An epic battle ensued with both Kieran and Nathan exchanging leads. Unfortunately for Kieran, Nathan was able to squeeze past him on the last possible passing point and took the win. Not all was a loss, as Kieran pocketed a cool $500 for 2nd place.
“This was by far the most fun I’ve had on a bike in a long time and I think a lot of that is thanks to my new DRD Tomac,” said Kieran. “I’ve never felt so instantly comfortable and confident on a new bike. I can’t say thanks enough to the organisers for putting on a great event and making it possible for me to be there, and also to Jeremiah at DRD for taking me in this season and putting me on an amazing bike!”

About Dean Racing Development:
Dean Racing Development (DRD) is a professional mountain bike team established to support and develop top-level gravity mountain bike athletes in regional, national, and international settings. The team is comprised of talented, personable, highly popular and recognisable athletes that are dedicated to their sport. Our organisation aspires to provide athletes with all the tools necessary throughout the rigorous, year-long calendar both on American and international soil. Supported by the best brands within and outside the mountain bike industry, DRD is already seen as one of the top national teams on the circuit! For additional information about DRD Tomac, please visit

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