After dropping the kids off at school this morning Emma (Spoke‘s original designer and my lovely wife) and I headed up Makara Peak in the SUNSHINE to shoot a few photos. The ride up was insane; the 4WD track was covered in about 2″ of snow from the Missing Link turnoff all the way up, but up top the snow was everywhere, and thick. We hung around for half an hour or so and not a single other person or tyre track was evident. By the time we had wrapped the shoot up the snow had begun to fall again and honestly the descent down North Face was all time, apart from the huge amount of trees that we had to clear off the track due to the weight of the snow. Anyway here’s a few pics from our little Monday morning adventure.

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  1. Sweet photos, must have been your tracks I saw up there just before lunch.. sadly I thought ridgeline would be a good idea on the way back down…. it wasn’t, and I now need new handlebars and more nurofen. Awesome being able to ride in the snow though, without have to grovel up the top of Mt Climie.

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