So we’ve finally climbed on top of the podium at the Scandinavian Photo Challenge. Already standing there with their arms raised in celebration, the top dogs, les vainqeurs, los numbero unos, the winners: Team New Swealand, led by Scottish photog Camilla Stoddart, now based in Wanaka, New Zealand. Kiwi-Steve Murphy, and Swedes Lina Skoglund and Linus Sjöholm made up the talent in front of her lens for three long days in everything from pouring rain, to almost freezing temperatures and scorching heat. In other words, pretty much your average summer week in northern Sweden. The end result was nothing but spectacular, blowing both the jury and the audience’s collective minds.

“Her show was a stunning one where every shot was a scorcher, the edit was well timed and balanced, and there was plenty of story and narrative in the slideshow. All judges were unanimous that hers was the top show. Judged by the reactions from the audience, we obviously made the right choice”, head judge Seb Kemp explains.

“We wanted Åre to be the main character in the slideshows, to show the diversity and quality of the riding here. And no one did a better job at capturing that than Camilla and her team. And besides that she really embraced the Swedish fika culture to the max”, says co-organizer and judge Tobias Liljeroth.

Don’t forget to check out Camilla’s website: www.camillastoddartphotography.com

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