Best foot forward. 

 To say shoes are a critical piece of equipment is like saying protein is a critical piece of nutrition. Duh, we get it. At Specialized we’ve spent a lot of time in the saddle and on our feet considering ways to make better cycling shoes. That’s how we developed Body Geometry features such as Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and a Metatarsal Button to increase performance and comfort. The key is listening to what our own bodies and team riders want in order to develop equipment that meets everyone’s needs. 

Trail riders want function, comfort, and style. With the Roost, we’re giving riders a shoe that outperforms the competition on the trail, while keeping riders looking good and feeling fresh on and off the bike. Roost for every occasion. 

We’re not the only ones saying it.

“Comfy, light, and great for having fun on the trail without racing. The wide clearance for cleats is really good and I love how clean and good looking they are.’’ Loic Bruni 

“Clearance around the cleats is super good. They’re ready to go and don’t need break-in. It’s not a race shoe and my friends will love it.’’ Finn Illes 


 Bear Hug The Pins

We think of rubber as being bouncy, but bouncy is not what you want in a flat pedal shoe. You want a rubber sole that grips the pins of the pedals without feeling squishy, which gives you confidence that your feet are going to stay put on the pedals. That leaves less to worry about and more to shred about. 

The 2FO Roost features our newly developed 3rd generation SlipNot rubber sole designed to stick to and hug pedal pins. Giving riders a sticky, bounceless feel while ripping through rough braking bumps and across trail chunder…chunder? At least that’s what our test riders keep saying. 

The clipless version of the 2FO Roost keeps the next generation SlipNot outsole and adds a roomy cleat pocket making it easier to engage your pedals in even the roughest trail situations. 



Lugged In

3rd generation SlipNot rubber is designed in a hexagonal lug pattern that channels and directs pedal pins into a tight position underfoot, leaving riders with a secure, “locked-in” feeling. Perfect for on bike, this tread pattern also helps reduce overall wear off bike for long lasting functionality and durability. 

Perfect for any occasion. 

Both models are stiff enough to give you the support needed for a long day out on the bike while remaining flexible enough to make those unexpected hike-a-bike sections or an afternoon shooting the breeze at the local shop completely comfortable. Leave that second set of shoes at home. With the 2FO Roost, you’ll be perfectly dressed for any occasion. 

 Fresh is fast. 

We wanted to keep the Roost as light as possible, so we did away with the traditional foam padding in the upper and replaced it with Xpel™ Airmesh. A lighter, more breathable material, Xpel™ Airmesh retains all the impact reduction properties of traditional padding but with reduced weight a significant increase in drying speed. Because no one wants to ride in wet shoes. And that’s a fact. 

Nerd on the inside, party on the outside.  

How did we take all this science and put it into a shoe that looks this good? A shoe that looks at home in your favorite happy hour spot and while sending your dream line? Designer magic. 

But I think we can pull some things out of the hat: Suede hits and caps are added to the upper in high wear areas for increased longevity and decreased scuff abrasion. 

We designed a clean, low-rise silhouette to create a shoe that looks as good on the bike as it does at the brew pub.  It’s all mixed together with some sensibly subtle colors and minimal branding, so no matter where the trail end’s you can stick to it and Roost. 

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