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“It’s not a religion, it’s just a technique
It’s just a way of making you speak
(When) distance and speed have left us too weak
And destination looks kind of bleak”

These are the words that inspired Spoke issue 45. While Steve Kilbey was in no way referring to mountain biking, despite being the late 80s and my first MTB still a year or two away from taking over my life, the song ‘Destination’ has been a soundtrack for many dirty adventures over the last 20 odd years. Travelling with, or by, bike is always like adding extra spices to an already tasty curry. No matter how many times you’ve tasted it, that little bit of flavour enhancement keeps us coming back for more. Most of us will never get to ride in exotic locations like Nepal, or Iceland, or float down a river to find new trails, but you can live vicariously through words and images. There’s many more places we take you in issue 45, plus all of our writers’ unique takes on their own personal destinations. Come along for the trip. – Brett Kennedy

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